5 August 2017

Podcasts and Paperbacks

A few days ago I had a friend enthuse about how I... can relax now the book is out. I nearly laughed myself silly. Only yesterday I had an exchange with an author about the merits of her setting up a pinned Tweet and asking interested readers to go and re-Tweet it. Jump HERE if you want to do the same for mine.

Promotion & Marketing is an ever-evolving enterprise for authors, but without it the most well-written novel is liable to sink without trace.  I belong to Facebook groups and am active in author cross-promotions. I have a YouTube channel for my book trailers, but am I using it to its full potential? 

One writer who is determined to do so is Paula M Hunter, a writer of speculative fiction who recently started The Bookshelf - a home for a series of 15 minute podcasts covering all the subgenres of her interest. The current episode is devoted to Contemporary Fantasy, and an excerpt from Book 1 of my trilogy, Torc of Moonlight, was lucky enough to be the Featured Read. It can be listened to via the The Bookshelf website and is also available on its YouTube channel. Go give it a 7 minute listen. The second part is devoted to a writer from the USA, Kimberly Koz.

I'm the person who doesn't own an iPod. Am I missing out here? Perhaps I should investigate further and make the most of my own YouTube channel. 

Paperback Update: Pilgrims of the Pool is now formatted for paperback, and I eagerly await a paper proof copy. Here's its wraparound cover:


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