21 June 2011

Launching mp3 download of "Hostage of the Heart"

Today Audiolark.com launches my Mediaeval Romantic Suspense "Hostage of the Heart" as a DRM-free mp3 download, so it can be played on a variety of devices, or saved to CD for that car journey. And you can play it with the kids listening, as the romance is 'sweet' even as the suspense is full of intrigue.
It is also a full length novel, one of the last from Audiolark for the time being I think, so you can enjoy 8 hours playtime for $9.99 - discounted for launch week to $3.49.
1066, on the eve of momentous battles that will change British history, there are lesser wars being waged on the English/Welsh borders. Young Lady Dena is taken as a battle hostage by the marauding Welsh eager to reclaim lost lands. But nothing is as the minstrels sing. Who is she to trust? Certainly not her own kin who refuse to pay her ransom. The brooding warrior-knight Rhodri ap Hywel? Can she trust him? Is he a Welsh prince?
I'm also guest blogging today -
talking about audio downloads & with a new excerpt on:
and about the "fun" of proofing audio files on
Come join me and let's have an (Audio)lark!!

17 June 2011

Interview on BlogCritics.org

After a fallow period it's all go. Today I'm being interviewed on BlogCritics.org about the reasons for going indie with Torc of Moonlight. If you have time, drop by and leave a comment or give the piece a Tweet. Thanks.

14 June 2011

Video and MP3 launch date

Well, it all happens at once: Avril Field-Taylor, kind soul, has produced a video for me. Do click on the link in the heading and have a smile. I can't wait for some time of my own to play.

News! Finally the mp3 of Hostage of the Heart is being launched on 21 June. The cover is so different from the ebook.... I think I need to dedicate time to the latter.

First, though, there are deadlines to meet. More on those later.

11 June 2011

Life and Newsletters

If it's not one hassle it's another. This week the vacuum finally gave up the ghost. Well, it rattled its chains and made all the usual noises but it was plainly not sucking air, never mind bits off the carpet. Husband: "It was doing that when I last used it, so I put it back in the cupboard" - like he puts empty cereal packets back in another cupboard. Exasperation + 1, and several hours lost to researching vacuums on the internet. Bottom line? The pattern on our carpet is brighter than I supposed. Mmm... Might invest in a shampooer. I can see this getting expensively out of hand.

Addendum: I've added Zemanta to this blog with the intention of uploading an occasional image with posts. So why, from the above, is it offering me variations on 'sex in video games'? Obviously a man's mind at work here; see above.

And back to my own work: my June e-Newsletter will be going out shortly. As well as news, not of the above sort,  there'll be a new book cover and a video. Drop me a line - see Contact on right - if you'd like to receive a copy. You won't be bound for the rest of your life, or even seven years. Honest.

7 June 2011

The Indie Spotlight Interview

I'm being interviewed on The Indie Spotlight today about how I came to write Torc of Moonlight, and explaining some of the fact behind the fiction. Do you throw coins into a wishing well? Ah, thought you might...

3 June 2011

Short Story Competition - Prizes Galore!

It’s that time of year once more: the La Scala Short Story Competition is upon us, and yet again I’ve been strong-armed into offering sponsorship. LOL.

No, honest, it’s an honour to be asked. I recall with perfect clarity earlier in my career when writers took the time to sit and listen, to offer advice, to nudge me a little further down the path I wasn’t sure was mine; people like Barry Hines, author of ‘Kestrel for a Knave’ who gave me 10 minutes at a literature event that unlocked a door, and Mary Mackie who took me into a quiet corner at a writers’ conference and chatted for half an hour, giving me the sort of advice and general fillip that fired my confidence to step out of my comfort zone and onto the next level. Only later did I discover that she was no newbie like me, but a prolific author of historical, romance and suspense novels.

Forget the back-stabbing literati of London, Paris or New York, this is what true writers do: they offer a hand to help those who follow on the stony path. And they do it with a smile because it’s called paying back.

So from me there’s a cut price critique for those competition entrants who want one, and I’m offering the judging panel five copies of my forthcoming ebook Reading A Writer’s Mind: Exploring Short Fiction. It contains the sort of information that I wish I’d had pointed out to me when I was starting out.

La Scala short story competition info - Entry form - Rules
Wordcount: 2,000 max
Deadline: 15 September 2011
Prizes: vast selection ranging from £200/£100/£50 cash in Open Section, to horse saddle / day at the races, etc, in Equestrian Section.

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