31 March 2013

What are you writing about?

Some questions are easy to answer and some questions are easy to answer but a little more difficult to understand. I was asked recently what I was currently writing – The Bull At The Gate, the second in the Torc of Moonlight trilogy. See, easy on both counts.

Then came the follow-up question which, in truth, no author should wait to be asked: What’s it about? Ah well, following on from the first novel, Nick, the main protagonist, has moved to York, and Alice…

Except that isn’t what the novel is about. I’m writing about alternative realities. What the characters do, how they act and react to the trail of plot points I lay down for them, is the fuel that powers the vehicle that tracks through my exploration of… alternative realities.

Very often this term is accepted as a substitute for parallel universes, but I consider that overblown. I live an alternative reality to someone in Syria at the moment, or living on the streets of Moscow in the worst winter for 50 years, or the person in the next road who has just opened the door to a police officer bearing bad news.

Alternative realities are far closer to home than SF or Fantasy, or Quantum Physics, would have us believe, but just as we each inherently deem our individual reality is true and everyone else’s is an alternative, so do the different characters in The Bull At The Gate. The only thing for certain is, the term is never mentioned in the novel.

Reading or writing a fiction? What’s it about?

19 March 2013

Arrived! Torc of Moonlight Paperback

They've arrived! Okay, I shall calm down. I'm an indie ebook writer, yet it is still a huge thrill to open a carton and find paperbacks looking up at me.

My test buys have arrived, too - Amazon UK, and Book Depository for inclusive world-wide postage. With print-on-demand it is always a good idea to do a test buy when possible as different printer's machine settings produce slightly different results within a variable.

So if you live in the UK and would like a **signed copy** drop me an email. For a limited time I'm price-matching Amazon & throwing in free postage.

Torc of Moonlight: Book One £8.99
Beneath The Shining Mountains £7.99

Ooh, the Kindle could get jealous.

4 March 2013

Read an Ebook Week - 50% Discounts!

It's that time of year again - Read An Ebook Week. Not all distributors take part, but Smashwords does, providing ebooks in all formats, from Kindle to Nook to Kobo to iPad.

I'm offering all mine at a 50% discount, except for my ebook of short fiction which equates to a FREE read. The discount code is applied at the checkout. But don't delay - Read An Ebook Week finishes on 9th March!

What better way to pick up Book One in the 'Torc of Moonlight' trilogy. Or if you've already got that one, links to all my ebooks are offered in the left column of its Smashwords page.