27 June 2014

Chatting about... Post Traumatic Stress

Some time ago I was asked to contribute to Ella M Kaye's site It's All oKaye with particular reference to 'lights in the dark' as applied to a fictional character's emotional arc. It's now live, so do hop across to discover how I envisaged, and subsequently handled, Nick Blaketon's mental trauma in The Bull At The Gate.

After all, if your dead lover temporarily erupted in a gush of water in your room how would you explain the ensuing devastation to the person downstairs? Yeah, right. And how do you think that would take its toll on you?

13 June 2014

The Bull At The Gate - paperback launch

Where did the month go? Mostly in bringing the paperback of The Bull At The Gate to launch, and promoting Books 1 and 2 in the Torc of Moonlight trilogy. But it has its rewards as reviews are coming in:

“...Utterly gripping. A fascinating journey around contemporary and Roman York is the background to a compelling plot. The nuances and ambiguities kept me guessing - something I always enjoy...”
“..Nick's vulnerable mindset is totally convincing after such a disturbing experience in Book 1...”
“...An absolute brilliant read, an absorbing, gripping book...”
 “...Here history is not an alternative universe but the continuous integration of the 'present' – a fascinating concept...”

Reviews can make a book, and their lack can so often break a book. In truth it’s always been the way, but authors feel it more keenly now. Mainstream publishers do check the number of reviews on distributions sites when deciding whether to renew a contract, and for indie authors many internet promotion portals determine entry by the number of reviews.

I’m lucky in that SF/F retailer Fantastic Book Publishing is distributing signed paperback copies of both Torc of Moonlight and The Bull At The Gate.

So let me make a plea on behalf of all authors. Leave a short review on the books you read. It does help us, honest.

Copies of both the ebooks and paperbacks (alas not signed) can also be found at
Amazon (all stores) ¦ Barnes & Noble (USA) ¦ Book Depository (Worldwide Delivery)