1 March 2024

Where does the time go? It's certainly not Snail-paced.

Wood carving by unknown artist, Stanton Country Park, Wiltshire. (c) Linda Acaster

What happened to January and February? Apart from the eight weeks being lost to grey skies, rain and flooded roads, that is. 

This is the problem with more temperate UK winters. With a lack of snow in East Yorkshire it is all so dowly, damp and depressing, not helped at all by needing to be careful where we fix the central heating thermostat if we want to afford a holiday this coming summer. If it comes. Hey ho.

I have been trying to lift spirits, my own included, by writing articles on Medium. The header image is from the latest following a challenge regarding Statues. Some might be pedantic and say a wood carving isn't a statue, but that's being... pedantic. 

On holiday a couple of years ago, as evening drew in, we were following a meandering woodland path which unexpectedly opened into a dell hosting a fantastic selection of artworks. You can read the short article HERE.

I've been continuing the series I started late last year on the development of Stonehenge from a simple enclosure henge to the historical attraction it is today. It has turned into far more work than I anticipated. Fascinating, though.

I've just embarked on a Canva course for novelists. Well, I do need a new header for this website, and a few promo images for the novels wouldn't go amiss. Be prepared to see some pretty wonky offerings next month.

Enjoy your reading!

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