1 January 2024

Of Health, Happiness and Reading

And a Happy New Year to you! 

I trust you enjoyed the end-of-year Festivities and are now feeling both replete and wide-eyed for the forthcoming year. Dry January, is it?

Well, not here, at least not yet. We are a family which believes in the full ‘twelve days of Christmas’, even if it is more a midwinter celebration of Eat, Drink and Make Merry. There are malts and mince pies still to be sampled, even if the decorated fruit cake is down to a quarter of its size.

These first six days have been restful, with walks and visits and generally hanging out. I’ve read two non-fiction books; not at all my usual Christmas relaxation.

The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray gives an interesting account of the close history of Europe and its near neighbours, much of which I’d either missed or forgotten. Published in 2017, it has proven rather too prescient.

The other non-fiction I picked up as a new pdf following a YouTube discussion with Professor David Anderson, Vitamin D and the Great Biology Reset, written with Dr David Grimes.

As past readers of this blog might recall, or check out the right-hand column, for some years I’ve been in the grips of sub-clinical Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, a debilitating autoimmune disorder (there again, please let me know which autoimmune disorder isn’t debilitating). Faced with the NHS wanting to wait until I fell within its ‘crisis management’ strategy, I began to research the condition, and seriously suspect its trigger was a long-standing Vitamin D deficiency, flagged when I discovered I could purchase blood tests the NHS refuse to allow.

Ever since, I keep half an eye out for anything Vitamin D related, from anecdotal (Health Unlocked is an excellent resource) to books, academic papers, and online discussions.

Have I learned anything new from Professor Anderson and Dr Grimes? Oh, yes. I knew that Vitamin D receptors are found in nearly every cell type in the body, therefore Vitamin D has to be important to its function, but I had no idea that it reads up to 3% of our entire genome, provided there is not a shortage of activated Vitamin D.

It puts into perspective the January 2021 call to Parliament by David Davis MP regarding the importance of using Vitamin D in combating Covid-19. If anyone wishes to watch the YouTube video they will see David Davis, an ex microbiologist, contemptuously fobbed off by a member of the Health Ministry. Prof Anderson & Dr Grimes are far more castigating about the concerted suppression of Vitamin D use in a largely deficient and insufficient population, in favour of expensive, experimental, gene therapies branded as “vaccines”.

Hey ho.

In the final six days of Christmas I am now embarking upon, my reading is scheduled to be much lighter, merely love and death during World War II - LOL! I have snaffled an advance copy of Sylvia Broady’s The Gunner Girls due for publication in February, and currently on offer as a pre-order ebook.

Right, that’s your lot. I’m due on the beach for the annual New Year’s Noon Swim.  

No, I’ll just be cheering them on.

Happy New Year!

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