24 December 2012

Season's Greetings One and All!

Some say that it's New Year's Eve when they sit back and take stock ready for the coming year, but I tend to do it Christmas Eve afternoon. The presents are wrapped, the meals are planned, the dusting is done, the computer is switched off... well, nearly.

 It's been a bit of an emotional year - health, family crises - the sorts of things that money can't readily soften but where a little peace and a good hug can work wonders.

So as you gather round your tree to toast the season, don't just take time out to think about those who sit alone, make a difference physically. Sure, we can donate to charity - Age UK, Mind, the Salvation Army - even give a carrier of groceries to our local Foodbank, but what can beat seeing the eyes of a neighbour when they open their door to a big smile, a sticky bun and 'Let's have coffee!"

We can all make a difference to someone. And sometimes it can make a big difference to us.

Happy Yuletide.