24 December 2012

Season's Greetings One and All!

Some say that it's New Year's Eve when they sit back and take stock ready for the coming year, but I tend to do it Christmas Eve afternoon. The presents are wrapped, the meals are planned, the dusting is done, the computer is switched off... well, nearly.

 It's been a bit of an emotional year - health, family crises - the sorts of things that money can't readily soften but where a little peace and a good hug can work wonders.

So as you gather round your tree to toast the season, don't just take time out to think about those who sit alone, make a difference physically. Sure, we can donate to charity - Age UK, Mind, the Salvation Army - even give a carrier of groceries to our local Foodbank, but what can beat seeing the eyes of a neighbour when they open their door to a big smile, a sticky bun and 'Let's have coffee!"

We can all make a difference to someone. And sometimes it can make a big difference to us.

Happy Yuletide.


  1. True, Linda. In this age of social networks and mobile phones, busy lives and multiple distractions, it's too easy to neglect that most important of interactions: face to face contact. Thanks for your timely reminder and let me wish you all the very best for the New year.

  2. And thank you for your sentiments, Stuart. Have a great New Year.