26 August 2017

Moving #Historicals to #KindleUnlimited:

Now the paperback of Pilgrims Of The Pool has been out a week, and before I make decisions on my next writing project, I'm turning my attention to housekeeping, both of the physical type in the space I refer to as my office and my digital backlist.

While I've been concentrating on Contemporary Fantasy, and to some extent my shorter Chillers, I've allowed my two Historicals to moulder somewhat unloved. Both Hostage of the Heart and Beneath The Shining Mountains were originally listed by mainstream publishers and became my digital test pieces when their rights reverted. They have served me well, but they could do being highlighted to a fresh audience. I like the covers, and there's nothing wrong with the content. They just need a bit of a push.

So, for the first time with any title, I've removed both from multiple distributors and given exclusivity to Amazon for 90 days minimum. They have entered the realm of page reads within Kindle Unlimited.

To leave them there without food or water will be to see them fade into more obscurity. So I've started a regime of promotion. I'm using small steps, starting with Twitter and FBook postings, followed by author cross promotions, before considering paid adverts probably with AMS initially. The trick is to discover what works to raise their visibility. As happens with these things, doubtless it will prove to be a mix of all three.

I'll keep you posted.

19 August 2017

Paperback Launch: Pilgrims Of The Pool

The paperback has launched - all 335 pages of it! Yesss!!

I'm not one for having big, or even small, Facebook launch parties. A relaxed toast-the-book with family, friends, and fellow writers is more my style - usually because I am so shattered I'm meeting myself coming back. But I do have news:

The Book Depository, despite not having the novel's cover up on its site yet, it is not only price-matching Amazon but is offering FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE. Cripes! Get it while you can. And it is doing the same with all my titles. See HERE for my authorpage, and HERE for Pilgrims Of The Pool.

In the UK perhaps the quickest will be via Amazon.co.uk.
North America is well-served for distribution, with both Amazon.com  and Amazon.ca, and also Barnes and Noble. Some or all may offer free shipping to its country base, so please check before ordering.

The only person missing a copy is me! I am left clutching the proof while my order arrives, some time this coming week. Then I shall be cracking a bottle of something sparkling. Do join me if you can - LOL!

12 August 2017

Targeted Marketing

Free Multi-Genre Choices: https://melanietomlin.com/tpr-freebies/

As mentioned in previous posts, I’m experimenting with cross-promotion marketing which targets a specific readership: those who particularly enjoy Speculative Fiction. Does it work? Or perhaps the better question is, Does it work for me and the Torc of Moonlight trilogy?

It is certainly working better than my lone voice in the void, but I’m finding that even SpecFic readers are picky. They may be voracious consumers, but they like what they like. As a reader, perhaps I’m odd; I read all sorts of genres and sub-genres.

Freebies for August: http://abam.info/instafreebie/

So after four months, in which I’ve drawn well over 1k new subscribers to my Newsletter, I’m changing my focus slightly and revving up the romance angle. That’s the beauty – or the problem – with writing cross-genre. However, I know from past experience that Romance readers, specifically readers of Paranormal Romance (PNR) are even more picky than SpecFic readers. It will be interesting to compare results.

August New Releases on Kindle: http://sffbookbonanza.com/newreleases/

See you on the other side, if not exactly in another four months!

5 August 2017

Podcasts and Paperbacks

A few days ago I had a friend enthuse about how I... can relax now the book is out. I nearly laughed myself silly. Only yesterday I had an exchange with an author about the merits of her setting up a pinned Tweet and asking interested readers to go and re-Tweet it. Jump HERE if you want to do the same for mine.

Promotion & Marketing is an ever-evolving enterprise for authors, but without it the most well-written novel is liable to sink without trace.  I belong to Facebook groups and am active in author cross-promotions. I have a YouTube channel for my book trailers, but am I using it to its full potential? 

One writer who is determined to do so is Paula M Hunter, a writer of speculative fiction who recently started The Bookshelf - a home for a series of 15 minute podcasts covering all the subgenres of her interest. The current episode is devoted to Contemporary Fantasy, and an excerpt from Book 1 of my trilogy, Torc of Moonlight, was lucky enough to be the Featured Read. It can be listened to via the The Bookshelf website and is also available on its YouTube channel. Go give it a 7 minute listen. The second part is devoted to a writer from the USA, Kimberly Koz.

I'm the person who doesn't own an iPod. Am I missing out here? Perhaps I should investigate further and make the most of my own YouTube channel. 

Paperback Update: Pilgrims of the Pool is now formatted for paperback, and I eagerly await a paper proof copy. Here's its wraparound cover: