21 June 2012

Updating the Ebooks

The publishing industry does not stand still. The indie ebook industry moves at the speed of light.

It is just two years since I stopped researching the pros and cons and took the plunge. Despite the enthusiasm of others, particularly in the USA, I wasn't expecting great things. I've been pleasantly surprised and, on occasions, not a little humbled by the reaction of readers.

During those two years the changes have been phenomenal. On Amazon, ebooks now outsell both hardback and paperback books as the world embraces digital reading. The new generation of ereaders are available in colour, and the screen quality and size of Smartphones mean that a dedicated ereader isn't even needed.

Throughout, I've maintained a professionalism in the editing and formatting of my words. Despite acknowledging the limitations of delivery, I take it as a personal slight to my integrity when a conversion goes awry, and do all I can to ensure that my fiction arrives before my readers the way it was intended. This has stood me in good stead.

Now I am updating my ebook covers to the same level of professionalism. Yes, I enjoy making a cover, but I don't have a natural flair for the artform and I don't have time to learn how to get the most from the software. I need the expertise of someone who looks upon her work as I do upon mine.

Dead Men's Fingers is the first ebook to get its new look from Karri Klawiter. Call back. You'll be seeing more of her work here shortly.

9 June 2012

Rain, Rain go away...

Looking back, it seems that the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London last week got off light. According to the weathermen, summer as we remember it is coming no time soon.

As we sit here in our jumpers, with the central heating kicking in occasionally, and the lights on because we can't read in today's version of daylight, my husband wistfully remarks that in twelve days time we pass the equinox and the nights will begin to draw in for winter.

He can be such a joy.