27 August 2013

How do I upload a book to Kindle?

Oh, so simple a question, yet the answer is so fraught with difficulties.

Having been faced with this question three times in as many weeks, I decided to write a short piece that I could attach to an email and send if asked again - but of course there is no short answer for so many elements depend one on another.

What I ended up with is longer than even I anticipated, so long in fact that I've given it its own Page on this site. If you really want the answer have a look. It will probably put you off for life.
Going Indie With An Ebook?

15 August 2013

Guest Blogging Today

I don't know about guest-blogging, I should concentrate on my own. Where did the month go to? Well, for a start, I had a holiday: a river cruise down the Rhine from Cologne (Koln) to Strasbourg. I was very good and took with me my Notebook, current chapter and short-term outline. I was even better than good and never opened any of it. There are times when a break IS a rest, and much needed. I've written two chapters since I returned, to which many writers would raise a disparaging eyebrow, but for me it is decent going.

Today, though, I am guest blogging on the paranormal romance blog owned by the industrious Felicity Heaton, The subject is The British have always embraced the Paranormal. Well, we have. From MR James and Charles Dickens back to 'Nessie' the Loch Ness Monster, to King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake. And even now, just because we 'don't believe in that sort of thing', doesn't mean that we don't believe in that sort of thing.

Do drop by. You'll see what I mean in the comments.

Use either  http://bit.ly/15JBBxN   or