27 August 2013

How do I upload a book to Kindle?

Oh, so simple a question, yet the answer is so fraught with difficulties.

Having been faced with this question three times in as many weeks, I decided to write a short piece that I could attach to an email and send if asked again - but of course there is no short answer for so many elements depend one on another.

What I ended up with is longer than even I anticipated, so long in fact that I've given it its own Page on this site. If you really want the answer have a look. It will probably put you off for life.
Going Indie With An Ebook?


  1. If you're considering preparing a book for Kindle, this is a post to read. Follow Linda's directions and you can't go wrong.

  2. Thanks for that vote of confidence, Stuart.

    Since I wrote a more detailed version last year for an acquaintance, I found that so much had changed I decided to give far more links for up to date info. Hopefully I won't have to write another for next year, though I'll certainly be using this as a checklist when my next is ready for upload.