17 September 2013

Home again, Home again, clickety-click

Except it’s not quite that simple. Is anything?

Just returned from a great holiday in the Austrian/Swiss Alps where we travelled on the Bernina Express (three spectacular glaciers) and the Glacier Express (but saw no glaciers on the Davos-Andermatt section). Okay, so I’ve got a thing about glaciers. There are worse things to be awed by.

Like Microsoft.

Yep, I returned to find Windows 7 had updated. For reasons too complicated to get embroiled in, I still use Word 2002. Hey, if I’d had the choice I’d never have abandoned WordPerfect, but we all have our crosses to bear. Windows 7 comes with Word 2010 Starter. I tried it when I bought the new laptop. It attempted to wreck the formatting of my then work-in-progress so I installed good ol’ 2002.

But due to the recent updates my system will not recognise Word 2002, only Word 2010, and my files are a sea of orange icons – Argh!! It’s enough to send me into the arms of Apple. If Microsoft would stop “acting in my best interests” and merely work I wouldn’t be spending all tomorrow uninstalling and reinstalling software.  

Any odd sounds detected could be a gnashing of teeth.


  1. Get a Mac, Linda. What more is there to say?

    1. Oh, you Mac converts! I get the same smug response from every side - LOL!

      Thankfully the system is now sorted, Word 2010 is no more, and the laptop purrs like a contented moggy. Bliss.