28 February 2013

How do you like your Crime?

Weeks pass when it is head-down at the keyboard and not enough happens to link to a blog - then out of left field...

Last week I received a call from Fantastic Books Publishing: would I be interested in..? Today there's a video of me in the bowels of their HQ answering questions on the elements of Crime I slot into my novels. It's part of their first Crime Spotlight event.

Don't be taken in by the cosy setting - the fireplace, the chintzy lamp, the warm mug of tea - out of shot there are chains hanging on the walls and some stains I daren't investigate. Oh-er... I was just pleased when my blindfold was removed and my car keys handed back to me.

I wonder how the others fared... I'm sharing billing with Penny Grubb, Nick Quantrill, Danuta Reah and David P. Perlmutter. Off to watch their videos now.

24 February 2013

Wot, no Vampires?

Today, under this title, I'm bogging at Lindsay's Romantics about why a paranormal doesn't always mean vampires, and explaining the enduring nature, and different guises, of Celtic water goddesses down the millennia - Beowulf, Aqua Sulis, Our Lady of Walsingham... Do join me!