28 February 2013

How do you like your Crime?

Weeks pass when it is head-down at the keyboard and not enough happens to link to a blog - then out of left field...

Last week I received a call from Fantastic Books Publishing: would I be interested in..? Today there's a video of me in the bowels of their HQ answering questions on the elements of Crime I slot into my novels. It's part of their first Crime Spotlight event.

Don't be taken in by the cosy setting - the fireplace, the chintzy lamp, the warm mug of tea - out of shot there are chains hanging on the walls and some stains I daren't investigate. Oh-er... I was just pleased when my blindfold was removed and my car keys handed back to me.

I wonder how the others fared... I'm sharing billing with Penny Grubb, Nick Quantrill, Danuta Reah and David P. Perlmutter. Off to watch their videos now.

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