The Suspense

How to separate Suspense novels from others with more than a touch of suspense? Good question; I wish I knew the answer. My Historicals carry plenty of suspense. There is suspense with a touch of the supernatural in the Torc of Moonlight trilogy, and the Chillers all revel in slow-burn shudder suspense within touching distance of Horror.

In truth, I am in the business of making order out of chaos, leaving a set of characters, sometimes a place, better prepared for the future. Isn't that what everyone attempts in their normal lives? 

Contemporary Mystery Suspense
Kindle / Kindle Unlimited  &  Paperback

While family members think Carrie should sell the too-big house she and her late husband began to renovate, Carrie is determined to carry through their shared project to prove she can manage alone.

And she can, until a discovery beneath old wallpaper chills her to the bone.

'They say I'm obsessing. I'm not.'

"...The true nature of events begins in curiosity, develops into suspicion..."


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