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This is a handy Index for the various series of writing craft posts I've produced over the years. Currently there are four sections: Writing Prompts; Research; What To Look For While Editing; Don't Mess With The Reader.  Doubtless more will follow. At the bottom there are links to two other worthwhile sources.

Writing Prompts

Working from 'first lines' with discussions on what to look for and how to extrapolate:
WPrompt #1 : WPrompt #2 : WPrompt #3 : WPrompt #4 : WPrompt #5

WPrompt #6 :   One idea is never one idea.
WPrompt #7 :   How and where to find your own ideas.
WPrompt #8 :   Building a character from the inside out, not a stereotype from the outside in.
WPrompt #9 :   Beware - Naming imbues with life.
WPrompt #10 : Show and Tell - examples.
WPrompt #11 : Show and Tell - considering the senses - smell.
WPrompt #12 : Theme - writing to, or recognising an inherent theme.
WPrompt #13 : Detail - how much is too much?
WPrompt #14 : Show and Tell - considering the senses - sound.
WPrompt #15 : Elements - a full story exercise.
WPrompt #16 : Using an image to kickstart fiction.

This and much more is covered in Reading A Writer's Mind. Check its Amazon page for a full list of its Contents page.



Not only does fiction need to be researched, the writer needs to be able to store, and more importantly retrieve, a snippet of information without interrupting the creative flow.

Research-1: Is research necessary for short fiction? Not much!
Research-2: Creating a novel's Bible for use with Word, LibreOffice, etc.
Research-3: Using Character Sheets for continuity.


What To Look For While Editing

During the post-writing process of Pilgrims of the Pool, the final novel in the Torc of Moonlight trilogy, I wrote a series of posts covering the editing process. Check them out here:

Editing-1: What does editing actually mean?
Editing-2: The Structural Edit.
Editing-3: The Content Edit.
Editing-4: The Line Edit.
Editing-5: Line Edit Update - how long??
Editing-6: Beta Readers.
Editing-7: Metadata.
Editing-8: Beyond Beta Readers.


Don't Mess With The Reader

Taking some time off to catch up on my reading led to an unexpected about of eye-rolling and a great deal of muttering - all from mainstream published novels. The problems covered should never have made it to an editor, never mind to print. They should have been noticed by the author during the writing and corrected. It is the author’s name on the cover; it is the author’s responsibility.

DMWTReader-1: Openings. The four main aims, and why confusion spells disaster.
DMWTReader-2: A Sense of Place. There'd better be one.
DMWTReader-3: Characters. Mains, subsidiaries, or walk-ons? Handle with care.
DMWTReader-4: Seeding Information. Please, no infodumps nor any out-of-the-blue lightbulb moments.
DMWTReader-5: Plagiarism. Just Don't. And here's why.


Other Useful Sources

Happy Reading! 

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