22 September 2021

Torc of Moonlight Boxed Set Discounted to 99p / 99c


Or #RomanticFantasy - whichever is your preferred sub-genre label.

The boxed set Torc of Moonlight Trilogy is currently discounted to 99p / 99c for just over 900 gripping pages. Set in real places readers can visit, even on StreetView, this alternative reality story is for those who like their Fantasy set in the Here & Now with a hard-core side-helping of History.

White Ladies are renown for guarding water courses. They are seen from the corner of your eye - except modern sensibilities insist you are mistaken. Yet browse any village history and a White Lady will be there, perhaps in a line drawing surrounded by puddles and bullrushes. She kept the spring water clean. She's the reason Well Dressing festivals survive in this age of water on tap and mains sewerage.

You can read more about White Ladies HERE

To purchase the boxed set for those long, dark, autumnal evenings just around the corner, go to your preferred vendor:

Kindle  ¦ Nook  ¦  Smashwords
Alas, despite asking nicely some time ago, Apple and Kobo refuse to discount the price. What can I say? Go buy it from Smashwords instead.

Also just entering a 99p / 99c discount period is my Dark Fantasy short story collection Contribution to Mankind and other stories of the Dark.

There are six stories to create a frisson down your spine or have you checking the door is locked and bolted. One is even based on true events.

Links: Kindle : Nook : Kobo (Hurrah!) : Smashwords : (only Apple refuses to play nicely)


If Fantasy, SciFi, & Horror, or the plentiful sub-genes thereof, are your cup of hemlock, have a look at the current 99c offerings at SFFBookBonanza 

 Enjoy your reading!