19 August 2017

Paperback Launch: Pilgrims Of The Pool

The paperback has launched - all 335 pages of it! Yesss!!

I'm not one for having big, or even small, Facebook launch parties. A relaxed toast-the-book with family, friends, and fellow writers is more my style - usually because I am so shattered I'm meeting myself coming back. But I do have news:

The Book Depository, despite not having the novel's cover up on its site yet, it is not only price-matching Amazon but is offering FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE. Cripes! Get it while you can. And it is doing the same with all my titles. See HERE for my authorpage, and HERE for Pilgrims Of The Pool.

In the UK perhaps the quickest will be via Amazon.co.uk.
North America is well-served for distribution, with both Amazon.com  and Amazon.ca, and also Barnes and Noble. Some or all may offer free shipping to its country base, so please check before ordering.

The only person missing a copy is me! I am left clutching the proof while my order arrives, some time this coming week. Then I shall be cracking a bottle of something sparkling. Do join me if you can - LOL!

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