19 January 2013

Relaunch - Torc of Moonlight

Today is re-launch day of Torc of Moonlight, nudging it slightly so that it moves from 'Supernatural Thriller' into 'Paranormal Romance', hence the commissioned new book cover.

Categorising a novel can make or break its sales, or at least seriously dent them. While Torc of Moonlight has garnered a good number of 4* and 5* reviews - 17 on Amazon UK alone - its sales have been less than startling. I still regard it as my best novel, both for its multi-layered storylines and use of metaphor & symbolism - not that many readers are interested in dissecting a novel to that extent. A good read is a good read, as far as most readers are concerned, and that is what I aimed to provide.

I have also had reverted my paperback rights, so it seemed an ideal time for a revamp. That should follow in about a month.

In the meantime, the new ebook is available for Kindle:
UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004FEFCKK
USA: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004FEFCKK  

Apple, Nook, Kobo, Sony will filter through from the distributor in around a week, but in the meantime are available from: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/29377


  1. Isn't it great how easily we can tweak the way a book looks and/or is marketed these days based on what we're seeing "on the ground" after publication?

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Brian. I agree, it's fantastic how indie authors can change things on their books. And they are helped of course, by the distributors.

    When ToMoonlight went up on Amazon Saturday afternoon it was fully functioning by early evening. But I couldn't purchase a copy because Amazon's automated system was telling me that I already had it in my archive, albeit an earlier version. Which is all well and good for normal reader-buyers but I wanted to download it onto my Kindle to ensure that the formatting had behaved and to see if my experiment with chapter headings had worked. So I emailed KDP support and asked if there was a way round the block. By breakfast Sunday they were offering to *hand deliver* a copy to my account for download *if that was okay with me* - can you imagine such courtesy from a mainstream publisher? So by mid afternoon I was reading the updated copy - and all this through a weekend. Wonderful!

  3. Great new cover, Linda. I hope this brings you the readers you so richly deserve. This is a book that would be enjoyed by so many people of both genders. I know I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks, Stuart. Yes, I am hoping the new cover appeals to a new audience segment. Time will tell.