13 June 2014

The Bull At The Gate - paperback launch

Where did the month go? Mostly in bringing the paperback of The Bull At The Gate to launch, and promoting Books 1 and 2 in the Torc of Moonlight trilogy. But it has its rewards as reviews are coming in:

“...Utterly gripping. A fascinating journey around contemporary and Roman York is the background to a compelling plot. The nuances and ambiguities kept me guessing - something I always enjoy...”
“..Nick's vulnerable mindset is totally convincing after such a disturbing experience in Book 1...”
“...An absolute brilliant read, an absorbing, gripping book...”
 “...Here history is not an alternative universe but the continuous integration of the 'present' – a fascinating concept...”

Reviews can make a book, and their lack can so often break a book. In truth it’s always been the way, but authors feel it more keenly now. Mainstream publishers do check the number of reviews on distributions sites when deciding whether to renew a contract, and for indie authors many internet promotion portals determine entry by the number of reviews.

I’m lucky in that SF/F retailer Fantastic Book Publishing is distributing signed paperback copies of both Torc of Moonlight and The Bull At The Gate.

So let me make a plea on behalf of all authors. Leave a short review on the books you read. It does help us, honest.

Copies of both the ebooks and paperbacks (alas not signed) can also be found at
Amazon (all stores) ¦ Barnes & Noble (USA) ¦ Book Depository (Worldwide Delivery)


  1. Having read this, I can thoroughly recommend it. It's a great read, as is Torc of moonlight.

    1. Thanks for dropping by to say so, Stuart. Most appreciated.