11 June 2011

Life and Newsletters

If it's not one hassle it's another. This week the vacuum finally gave up the ghost. Well, it rattled its chains and made all the usual noises but it was plainly not sucking air, never mind bits off the carpet. Husband: "It was doing that when I last used it, so I put it back in the cupboard" - like he puts empty cereal packets back in another cupboard. Exasperation + 1, and several hours lost to researching vacuums on the internet. Bottom line? The pattern on our carpet is brighter than I supposed. Mmm... Might invest in a shampooer. I can see this getting expensively out of hand.

Addendum: I've added Zemanta to this blog with the intention of uploading an occasional image with posts. So why, from the above, is it offering me variations on 'sex in video games'? Obviously a man's mind at work here; see above.

And back to my own work: my June e-Newsletter will be going out shortly. As well as news, not of the above sort,  there'll be a new book cover and a video. Drop me a line - see Contact on right - if you'd like to receive a copy. You won't be bound for the rest of your life, or even seven years. Honest.

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