21 June 2011

Launching mp3 download of "Hostage of the Heart"

Today Audiolark.com launches my Mediaeval Romantic Suspense "Hostage of the Heart" as a DRM-free mp3 download, so it can be played on a variety of devices, or saved to CD for that car journey. And you can play it with the kids listening, as the romance is 'sweet' even as the suspense is full of intrigue.
It is also a full length novel, one of the last from Audiolark for the time being I think, so you can enjoy 8 hours playtime for $9.99 - discounted for launch week to $3.49.
1066, on the eve of momentous battles that will change British history, there are lesser wars being waged on the English/Welsh borders. Young Lady Dena is taken as a battle hostage by the marauding Welsh eager to reclaim lost lands. But nothing is as the minstrels sing. Who is she to trust? Certainly not her own kin who refuse to pay her ransom. The brooding warrior-knight Rhodri ap Hywel? Can she trust him? Is he a Welsh prince?
I'm also guest blogging today -
talking about audio downloads & with a new excerpt on:
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Come join me and let's have an (Audio)lark!!

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