25 June 2017

#Editing-11 – Scales Falling From My Eyes

Pilgrims of the Pool is finished. Except… it nearly is finished!

Last week’s post centred on my concern over a holiday interrupting the editing. I take it all back. I might even plan one to coincide with the final round of edits of the next novel. Yes, distance really does help to remove the scales from our eyes. For me it has proved better than letting the typescript rest in a drawer; in a drawer I still think about it. Away on holiday I didn’t.

I’ve been engaged on the final final edit this week, and the last series of Comments I made in the margins – those I stared at and tussled over, seemingly for weeks – have been resolved in double-quick time, by additions, deletions or rewriting scenes.

I am currently on my last read through to ensure I’ve left no loose threads. And guess what? I’ll be away three days this week, too [rolls eyes].

However, upload is imminent. You’ll be the first to know. Or at least immediately behind my Newsletter readers - LOL!

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  1. Glad to hear it. You must now post 'Go on holiday' into your calendar at the end of every book.

    1. I agree, April. It certainly did the trick with this one.