8 July 2017

Book Promotion: Newsletter Subscribers

Pilgrims of the Pool is ready for formatting, except…it's not the only job in hand.

I tip my hat to those who can look at a calendar and mark the week research will end, writing will begin and end, first round editing will take place, and beta copies will be emailed. And all the rest that happens in between. I only wish I worked to that precision. It would make life so much less stressful. For me, bringing a novel to fruition and launching it to the reading world is akin to monitoring a hall full of spinning plates. Writing the novel is merely one of many. 

Promotion and marketing is equally important, and so much of that falls on stony ground I decided that with this novel I would especially target those who enjoy my type of writing and the sub-genre I'm currently writing in.

Cross-promotions, authors helping authors spread the word, I am finding most useful. So is Instafreebie, which I've spoken about in previous blogs. On the eve of launching Pilgrims of the Pool I have two titles in five promos this month, two priced and three using Instafreebie where the reader subscribes to the author's newsletter in exchange for a title to 'test'.

Here's a couple to check out the list of sub-genres. Enjoy!

80+ titles http://www.fantasyandmagicbooks.com/instafreebie/

100+ titles http://sffbookbonanza.com/free-books-jul-2017/

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