17 June 2017

#Editing-10A: Er… Scheduling Hiccup

Pilgrims of the Pool is finished. Except it’s not… because I’ve been on holiday.

Was this a good plan? Obviously not, though it seemed to be when the holiday was booked back at the beginning of the year. A few members of Hornsea Writers, the support group I belong to, had marked their respective cards to “have summer off” and mine was supposed to start at the beginning of June. Best laid plans…

Yet burn-out is as rife among authors as the rest of the creative industries, and the marketing & publicity side of authorship carries on regardless.

This weekend I’m taking part in a freebie promo – Best of British – with a 25% extract of Torc of Moonlight. At least my Welcome sequence of newsletters is now fully automated, complete with their discounts and freebies. 

For those interested, my mailing list now tops 1,000 recipients. Check out my new Newsletter landing page by clicking the blue button, top right. You don’t have to follow it through.

Back to the editing.

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