1 January 2016

Those Resolutions

Yes, it's the New Year and, although we really don’t believe we’ll keep any resolutions we make, we feel that we should at least show willing.

Followers of these posts know that I started what amounts to my New Year’s resolutions way back in early December, under the thought umbrella of there has to be a better way than this... The marketing & promotion side of that will continue.

I also have the regaining of my health to consider, in fact prioritise, because without health none of us can work to our potential, and sitting at a keyboard for hours on end is not exactly conducive. So this festive season has been a time to take stock.

I’ve always thought of myself as a morning person – not a 5am morning person; that’s the middle of the night – but a morning was when I used to be at my freshest. Now it’s when I’m my creakiest, when I’m most interrupted, and distracted. So I’m turning my working day around, and I’ll try it for a month to see how it goes.

And that’s my advice. If it hasn’t worked well in the previous year why continue down the same path in the coming year? To turn our lives around we often have to... turn our lives around.

Best of luck with keeping your own resolutions. And a Happy New Year!
How about you? Has a New Year’s Resolution blossomed into a life-changing event?


  1. I resolved some years ago not to make resolutions; never broken one since!

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