16 January 2016

Those Resolutions - Update

Mid-month is about the time all those New Year's Resolutions start to wobble. Have mine?

Surprisingly enough, no. I say this because I am truly surprised they are working as well as they are. The key has been to turn my work-day life around, so I shall be sticking with the change: mornings are exercise, housework, decluttering (believe me, it's needed), and social media; afternoons are dedicated to writing; evenings to reading & relaxation with a quick drop in to social media.

The concerted exercise is definitely having an effect on my endurance. As to the writing, after delivering a short-short for an anthology, and putting to bed a longer short story, I am back on with the work-in-progress Pilgrims of the Pool. And about time, too.


  1. As you know, I made no resolutions. But I always see New year as a good place for a new start and I'm happily sinking back into the working method that works best for me. Currently keeping to that plan as far as life allows! Keep up the good work, Linda. Looking forward to the new book.

    1. Thanks, Stuart. I wish you well with yours, too. It's so good when a plan comes together!