24 December 2015

E-Book Marketing Doldrums - Update

Now I know why mainstream publishers launch for Christmas during early November.

Scent of the Böggel-Mann, my latest Chiller short, launched 4th December - mostly to rapturous silence. My fans bought, certainly, but only in the last week have reviews started to appear: 5 star, which is gratifying. The problem is, for buyers, for my own marketing, this month we have all been frantically readying for Christmas. As I said, this is why mainstream publishers launch during early November. I have taken note.

With the malt cracked and the red cabbage simmering, I shall wish one and all a very merry Festive Season - no matter what your festive season is.


  1. Thanks for passing by to say so, Stuart. I trust you had a good Christmas, too.

  2. Great, thanks. Good to have Kate home as well.