16 November 2011

An Indie author's work is never done

When I was print published I had no say in the design of covers, or of anything else. By the time I, the mere author, was allowed into the loop, the decisions had been made and I was expected to smile nicely and rubber stamp them. As far as the publishing house was concerned, its decisions were set in stone.

Now as an Indie, I have the opportunity to alter or augment my book covers, change the blurbs, and add in reviews, and this is what I've been doing.

I've been taking lessons, ie looking over the shoulder, of a gent who has an eye for fonts, and Hostage of the Heart was our first project. I've left the original in the left column to highlight the difference.

I'd been invited over because I'd shown him my work-in-progress with Contribution to Mankind and other stories of the Dark; again the original is in the left column.

He took a sweep over this, too, providing an easier to read, and slightly edgier, font - see right.

I agree that it doesn't wreck the image the way my offering does, so I'm living with it while I make up my mind. What do you reckon?

My next job will be to upload a new holding page to my eon-old, original website. Not only is it still live, but for some reason I haven't fathomed it still ranks 2nd in a Google search of my name. If you happen to be jumping across from it, welcome!


  1. I prefer the one on the left. Loved the book

  2. Hi Jenny, thanks for dropping by. So... you like the cover of CMSDark with the Spiderfingers font? I'll bear that in mind. And thanks for the accolade. You can return any time. I'll keep the kettle on a low light for you.