7 November 2011

That was the month that was

Ever felt your life was disappearing down the tubes? Yes, yes, I know that it happens to us all at some point, but it still came as a bit of a shock when it happened to me. I'm busy; I can't be doing with it! But that's been half the problem. So goodbye October and...

...welcome dreary November. NaNoWriMo - (Inter)National Novel Writing Month - has passed me by, again, but I have friends I'm encouraging along the way. My priority is to make sense of my desk and to get back into the swing of updating my blog and my website. For those wondering what had happened to my Newsletter, a revamped bells & whistles version is on its way. I'm chatting about the delights of fracture clinic, and of updating book covers, so if you aren't a subscriber but want a peek... there's a subscribe link top right.

What I need now is an eye-catching button... then there'll be the inevitable search for some cotton, and a needle, and the eye and hand coordination to thread it.

That's me me sunk, then...

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