13 January 2011

Titles to make one wistful

The other day I clicked on a link which led me to Biblio Quest International which, alongside its main business of searching for rare and collectable books, has a list of New York bestsellers searchable by date. They call it their Birthday Best Sellers.

So I had to, didn't I? Insert my birth date to discover which books popped up.

1 - From Here To Eternity by James Jones
2 - Joy Street by Frances Parkinson Keyes
3 - The Disenchanted by Budd Schulberg
4 - The Caine Mutiny by Herman Wouk
5 - The Age of Longing by Arthur Koestler

Surprisingly, considering I am on the other side of the Atlantic, I recognised some of the authors and titles, which just goes to show that good writing lasts. Or does it? Would I have recognised the titles if the books in question hadn't been made into movies? Which is a point for us modern writers to ponder.

Pity I can't find a similar list for the UK. Anybody know of one?


  1. Mine included The Power of Positive Thinking
    The Conquest of Everest (obviously a book about how difficult it is to sell double glazing, for which they really needed to buy the first book)
    Seven Years in Tibet and
    The Spirit of St Louis.

  2. Ho-ho-ho! It is interesting, though, isn't it? Perhaps we should submit dates by decade (those of us who can!) to see how the NY Best Seller list - and therefore reading/buying tastes - have altered.

    Thanks for calling by.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Great sample, I really enjoyed it.