20 January 2011

Hardback, Paperback, Ebook.... handbag...??

At a talk I gave recently I was heckled - well, more of a good-natured, low-growled "boo" from the back seats - for suggesting that ebooks were the future. I'm sure the same hiss was heard in the 1930s when Penguin suggested that paperbacks were the future, but that's by the by.

The other day I read that books were being made into handbags for the rich & famous. I didn't quite believe I'd caught it right, thinking more in terms of a handbag being manufactured to look like a book. I was right. French designer Olympia Le-Tan had hand-stitched a clutch bag to look like Nabokov's Lolita.

So what caught my eye today? A link to a video podcast showing how to make a handbag from a book. And I'm the one being heckled.

1 comment :

  1. ...I've gotta say, this makes me very sad (about how to make a handbag from a book). Seriously, they are to be read! I mean, I suppose props to the person for recycling, but still.

    The e-book comment, though, I have to agree that it's a growing force. Traditional books AND e-books, though, can probably enjoy a side by side equal share of the market. There are enough staunch traditionalists to make sure this happens.