1 January 2011

Happy New Year!!

Hi everyone.  I hope you've been having a great festive season. Don't let the droop set in yet. This goes on until 5th January when we take down the tree, the trimmings & cards and slot away that odd knitted gift from Aunt Agatha until we can figure out what to do with it. Well, send her a 'thank you' anyway; she put a lot of effort into making that gift just for you, so make her feel appreciated.

Best gift? To have everyone safe and sound. No, honest. I'm not talking schmaltz here. My Mum was rushed into hospital just before Christmas, and if the paramedics hadn't arrived so fast... But she's holding her own, and like Aunt Agatha's odd knitted gift, I do not think of the petrol cost or time involved in a near 50 mile round trip each afternoon. So we should be grateful for what we have, and like the appreciative note to Aunt Agatha, there's an appreciative note to the paramedics snail-mailing as I key in. People who 'serve' need to feel appreciated, too.

Best piece of tech? My Kindle [do you see the glitter in my eyes?] even if I haven't had time to understand its idiosyncrasies, or to read a word beyond the instruction manual.

Best moment? Speaking on the phone today to my... hang on while I work this out... cousin once removed (twice removed?) ten year old Milly who I have never met, who prior to Christmas had taken my promotional postcard for Torc of Moonlight into school but the teacher wouldn't believe that she was related to a writer. Bah humbug that teacher! I told Milly that I started writing at age eleven when I moved into secondary education just as she is about to this coming year. So what I can do, she can do, and then there'll be two writers in the family. The quiet glow emanating from the other end of the phone was precious indeed. And we'll both go visit the bah humbug teacher.

Happy New Year!


  1. Quite agree about the 'small mercies' really being the main priorities. I hope your mum is improving. I also hope that you are taking time out to enjoy things - yes, like a walk. They are the things that enhance life - said she who has materialism in equal measures with red and white corpuscles flowing round her body. I remember a friend who used to say that the richest person on the planet can't buy the last five minutes. or the sun coming up on the beach or the sheer joy of my dog wriggling in ecstasy on his back. Happy New Year.

  2. Hello, Silversongbird. I like your friend's thoughts. We need to be reminded occasionally. And today's walk was so goooooddddd....

    Thanks for dropping by.