8 December 2010


How do you like the revamp? So far so good, eh? There's still the header to change - yes, a picture! - and the wrapper to fiddle with, but most of it is in place.

The big change is going to be in the postings. My books are taking off in the electronic market and so I'm dedicating more time to those than mentoring other people through their scripts. It has been going that way for a while, and now is the time to refocus. Let me show you round...

The book covers link to information & on-line reading samples courtesy of a beta programme from kindleboards.com. It is still a beta programme because at the moment the reading sample is shown in odd line spacing, which it most definitely is not in the paid version. Simply right click and open in a new tab to view.

The exception is A Sackful of Shorts, the anthology from Hornsea Writers, the support group I've belonged to for many years. At the moment it's not available direct from Amazon, but a mobi version for the Kindle, and the other e-formats, is available from Smashwords. And yes, I've a story in it: Literary, not Horror or Romance. Doesn't that make a change?

The tabs offer book information, prices and review snippets, but with a cleaner, less cluttered look, and genres are grouped for ease of reading.

I've never been much for widgets - aren't they in beer cans? - but the wordcount meter from Writertopia caught my eye. If you want one they are free, and there's a link further down.

Finally there are the buying/contact links, top right. Instead of linking to each book I've grouped the links to my Author Page at Amazon UK, Amazon USA, and at Smashwords which distributes to the Sony ereader, I-Pad, Nook, and Diesel's ereader, and offers a mobi version for the Kindle. If you live in Europe and would prefer not to pay VAT on your e-books (print books in the UK are VAT-free, but not e-books) download from Smashwords.

And that's about it for now. The postings will be more regular and cover all sorts of writer-related issues, but there will still be the occasional how-to article slotted in there.

Thanks for reading, and come back soon.

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