9 December 2010

My Writing is being featured today on Molly's Musings

Molly's Musings is featuring my writing today, and I give her a big thanks for interviewing me. If any reader has come across from MM on a link, I bid you welcome and do explore. Molly's Musings is the first to give my new books a push, so I'm feeling all bright and sparkly.

Mind you, it was almost 'bright & sparkly' of a different nature. I had to dash (that is a relative form of speed given our snow) through to the city today where I had to spend longer than anticipated. I arrived home as dusk was turning to night, but the roads were okay, just wet... until I turned into our cul de sac which rises up a slight but determined hill. At the top is our house, through gates which turn through a 75 degree angle. The packed snow going up the road was bad enough, but as soon as the headlights picked up our front drive I quietly freaked and took it slowly through the turn heading up a slight incline to the garage doors... And stalled the engine. And started sliding backwards to the gates even though I wasn't doing anything. I had to do a hard turn with the steering to halt the decline. And hit the horn for aid. Hubby & Son came out and Hubby promptly fell over. We got the car unloaded (imagine ballet dancers on points dragging free masses of shopping) and with masses of cardboard under the wheels the car was eventually coaxed into the safety of the garage.

Then the call went up: 'Where's the chips?'
Answer: 'In the garage freezer.'
No chips tonight  then.

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