13 May 2022

Book Launch: THE FOREVER HOUSE #psychologicalthriller

The Forever House is now available for pre-order via Amazon – global link:

Many thanks for all the good wishes received after last month's heads-up. It's good to know so many are interested in my up-and-coming novel, which will be – traa-laa! – launching to a less than unsuspecting world on Monday 30 May.

Originally, it was scheduled for the first week in June, but someone forgot there was a certain little celebration taking place in the guise of the Platinum Jubilee. One does not cross swords with the Queen – ahem!

So what's The Forever House about? First a recap of the blurb:

Resisting family pressure to sell the too-big house Carrie and her late husband began to renovate, she is determined to carry through their shared project to prove she can manage alone.

And she can, until a discovery beneath old wallpaper chills her to the bone.

As her need to know more becomes all-consuming, Carrie’s family fears she's tipping into irretrievable obsession. Can she be dissuaded, or must she take that final step? How far is too far to right a wrong?

Early readers are calling it ...deeply moving...  ...an enthralling read... which is most satisfying.

Yes, yes, that's the blurb, but you want to know what the novel is about – right? Of course you do. Novels are rarely just about their front-end story; they're about what that story carries in its subtext.

Having lost her husband before the novel begins, Carrie is working her way through the grieving process. All their married life, she and her husband have renovated houses, slowly climbing the property ladder. This house, with its large kitchen and huge garden, was to be their Forever House, the one they didn't sell but made into their long-lasting home. Except life isn't fair, and now she faces it alone.

As she continues with the refurbishment, the papered-over cracks of an earlier family begin to reveal themselves in the fabric of the house, and long-held questions within her own family start to surface, until the strain of denial in exchange for a quiet life is no longer an option, on any front.

The novel launches on 30 May in ebook format to purchase through Amazon, and to read via Kindle Unlimited for subscribers. A paperback will closely follow.

Order your copy now: https://mybook.to/ForeverHouse

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