30 April 2022

Announcing the Cover Reveal for a new #PsychologicalThriller - THE FOREVER HOUSE

And about time, I hear you shout. Well, here it is, the cover reveal for The Forever House.


How far is too far to right a wrong?


While family members think Carrie should sell the too-big house she and her late husband began to renovate, Carrie is determined to carry through their shared project to prove she can manage alone.

And she can, until a discovery beneath old wallpaper chills her to the bone.

As her need to know more becomes all-consuming, her family fears she's tipping into irretrievable obsession. Can she be dissuaded, or must she take that final step?

How far is too far to right a wrong?

Promotional images and texts for social media are in their final stages and will start appearing in the next couple of days.

The ARCs are back from beta readers, and comments are about to be compiled. As soon as I am certain the book is ready to roll, a pre-order facility for the ebook will be uploaded to Amazon, and you'll hear about it here.

The intention is for it to be available free to subscribers to Kindle Unlimited for the first few weeks - which means it can only be purchased through Amazon. Sorry if you prefer to purchase via other retailers. This will become available, I promise.

And finally, as you can probably tell reading this, Blogger has decided to have a minor meltdown, making correct sized text and line spacing a lottery [rolls eyes]. It certainly chooses its moment. So apologies for a less than stellar reading experience.

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