31 May 2021

Writer Blowout: 10 Books To Help Hone Your Craft


David Gaughran's Blowout runs until 4th June

Yes, it's the end of May already, and the wettest, dullest, chilliest May since... Ahem! Didn't we do this in April? Unfortunately, yes. And as I write, here in the UK it is the close of the Late May Bank Holiday. Most of the country has been basking in sunshine all weekend; here on the Yorkshire coast we've had low cloud and sea mist. It's enough to send a writer screaming to her desk.

Which I have been doing (not the screaming bit, though I've been sorely tempted on occasions). No fainting at the back there, but the Mystery novella is on its final stretch, with the finish line in sight. More on that next month, if not before.

If you are a writer, you may have heard of David Gaughran, a dynamo of a facilitator and a damned good Historical novelist to boot. He runs the free 'Starting From Zero' course (with no added extras needing payment), and has a very decent weekly marketing tips newsletter, again for free. So what's the catch, you may ask? There really isn't one. Occasionally he may ask for a Twitter or Facebook share, but that's it. And this is one of those occasions, which segued easily into my monthly blog.

David has put together a list of ten ebooks he's read - always a good start - which offer value for novelists. He's taking an affiliate cut, the authors take their own sales proceeds, and the rest of us get to see books that may not have crossed our radar but may well help our writing. And who among us doesn't want that? 

The Blowout runs until 4th June, so don't delay. For links to participating retailers visit:

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