30 April 2021

Busy Doing Nothing...

Image by Clikr-free-vector images via Pixabay

Well, April has felt as if I’ve been part of a musical comedy, à la the 1949 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court; either that or I’ve been doing a good impersonation of the Red Queen in Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass. Yes, I seem to have been running very fast and seemingly getting not very far.

The mystery novella (metaphors as well) isn’t yet completed when it should have been, and I am still without a cover for it. I’ve done better with Medium.com, where I now have nine articles live, plus my own Table of Contents, and I better understand the platform's ins and outs. As with everything we are new to, it takes time.

The most interesting refilling of the creative well came in the form of the Wrexham Carnival of Words, and I have to say it proved £15 well spent to gain a gateway ticket to eight days of its litfest. Not that I managed to watch any of the speakers live, but this is the joy of YouTube and a ticket code. History Day and Historical Fiction Night were my favourites. I hope Wrexham Carnival of Words produces next year’s litfest via video as well as the usual in-person attendance, which I won't have a hope of making.

The highlight of the month was a profile of me written by author Penny Grubb, which made me seem far more productive than I am. Now we are moving out of Lockdown I shall endeavour to live up to her depiction.

So, I’d better get back to catching up before May arrives. Enjoy your month, and let’s hope it proves to be a bit warmer. Here in the UK it has been the frostiest April for over 60 years, and boy, can our central heating account vouch for that. I hope you've done better.

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