7 January 2015

Wednesday Writing Prompt #6

One idea is never one idea.

Read that again. Too many fiction-writers have a brain-wave, do the research (or just go with the flow), work it through, hit 'The End', polish it to a sheen, and consider the idea fulfilled.

It never is. And how do you know that your original train of thought for that one idea is the best use of it? Never discard ideas, even when they've been written out as fiction. Make a note and file it for future reuse.

This series started with five First Line Prompts - the links are below. People are creatures of habit. Were your stories all crime/thriller, or romance/relationship stories, or...? It matters little what your comfort zone looks like. Now is the time to stretch your boundaries. After all, they are self-imposed.

Return to each Prompt and write from its opening line...
  • as the opposite sex
  • in the present tense
  • as a Western
  • as an off-world Science Fiction
  • as a real-world Historical - choose your period
The questions asked of each opening line remain as part of the creative process, they are merely considered through one of the above filters.

WWP#1  -  WWP#2  -  WWP#3  -  WWP#4  -  WWP#5

5 First Lines written five more ways equals 30 stories in total. Except we aren't talking multiplying by 5, but to the power of 5. Or 10. Or 15. Or...

One idea is never one idea.

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