10 January 2015

1,000 Words a Day

I know it is only ten days into the New Year, but how are your Resolutions doing?

I'm hitting my 1,000 words a day - yes!

It might be a small goal in some writers' eyes, but I don't do 'quick & dirty' drafts. My fiction, or at least my fiction of the last few years, is highly atmospheric. For characters to act and react within the reality of their story, their flaws, their beliefs, their fears, all have to come into play as that story unfolds, as they interact with their surroundings. It's not something that can be sliced and diced into portions and added one at a time once the plot is outlined. 

It IS the plot, or at least its close companion.

So if your Resolution was to hit a daily target of 1,000 words, or 500, or 250, then you are allowed to preen a little. The operative word here is daily.

Image courtesy of 'domdeen' at Freedigitalphotos.net

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