21 December 2011

Festive Frivolities

Well, the Christmas Newsletter has been well received and the lucky winners of free ebooks have been drawn; the ebooks will be winging their way tomorrow. Did you enter? Did you know about it? Ah, you should sign up (right) for my Newsletter.

There's been a sudden surge of mostly unexpected marketing. Torc of Moonlight is featured on Dave White Books  and my novels have a mention in the Christmas round-up of both the Contemporary Fiction Network Blog and Historical Fiction Excerpts where you'll find all sorts of goodies on offer.

I'm still fighting with work and the Festive deadline, but tomorrow it'll be a dawn dash to the supermarket to pick up the fresh meat & veg. My blood pressure is high enough without my being locked into a queue for the tills that snakes halfway to the delivery area - and that is exactly what'll I'll face if I leave it until Friday.

Are you looking forward to the big day? I actually prefer Boxing Day. It's the family's quiet day. Feet up, nibbles to the left, slurps to the right, a new ebook on my Kindle, and true relaxation. Wonderful.

Whatever you have planned - enjoy!

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