13 April 2011

Interesting who you meet in the ether…

I’m just getting the hang of Twitter. Well, I’m not really; I feel as though I am wallowing in a morass, but I’m doing my best, even if it sometimes seems ineffectual. Let’s face it, if I could easily squeeze my thoughts, n’er my life, into 140 characters, I wouldn’t be a novelist.

However, despite my vapid attempts at promotion, people follow me. Which is always a surprise. Even more of a surprise is who these people are.

The latest is CircleKRanch who/which ‘focuses on pedigree quarter horses…’. Okay, I can see the connection between that and, say, my novel Beneath The Shining Mountains. The surprise is that CircleKRanch hails from... the Czech Republic. Yeah, really. I find that worthy of archiving so I can find out more. Then there’s the ‘biomedical scientist and author of book on the Picts’. Now how did that come about? And what’s the story behind the writer from Ohio who is working on a trilogy about Robert The Bruce?

Ah…I see the irony.I'd better quit while I'm ahead.

But doesn’t it just go to show that stories are everywhere. And aren’t we all the richer for it?

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