20 April 2011

Ebooks: up, Up, and Awaaaay...

It's been news all round lately. 

Yesterday, Scott Nicholson across on  Indiebooksblog.blogspot was good enough to spotlight Torc of Moonlight and so I checked across on Amazon to find that it had been ranked on both sites: on Amazon UK #42 and on Amazon US #60 in the Ghosts category. Yay!

 While I was there I noticed that it had gained another in-depth 5* review, this time from another writer who is also an archaelogist/historian focusing on the period: 
"...The writing is exceptionally elegant and well-crafted. The story is compelling, gradually gaining momentum and building suspense..."
"...The plot is seamless such that the reader may not appreciate the skill it takes to construct a story which interweaves through time in this way. It is a compelling story and one I found difficult to put down once I'd started reading."
Check out the rest Amazon US  Amazon UK
This morning I was sent a link to Assoc American Publishers February Sales Report which makes interesting reading. Ebooks saw a 202.3% growth in Feb 11 over Feb 10, and was ranked #1 of all categories of trade publishing. The point to note, though, is that while 84 US publishers contribute figures to the report, only 16 contribute to Ebook figures. 
So what are the figures for Indie sales? Who knows.

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