31 July 2023

Escaping Into History

Part of the Ring of Brodgar, Orkney. Author's image and draft cover of a digital publication.

It's been quite a July. On the one hand, the weather has been anything but summer-like. On the other, and after much procrastination, I've finally taken tentative steps in opening my own digital publication on the Medium platform.

For those who have not come across it, for a fee (monthly US$5 or annual US$50), Medium hosts posts behind a paywall; writers are paid via a post's views. Posts - referred to as stories - can be any length on just about any subject. Publications take stories on a theme and are usually group-edited to share the workload. A publication can also be owned by a single individual and used as a repository for his/her own stories on a theme.

I've been writing for Medium for a couple of years, on a variety of subjects. But my true enthusiasm is for History, particularly historic places in the British landscape, and I'm at the stage where it would help to have these stories in one easy-to-find spot, my own publication. The picture above is its cover image.

Despite Medium's copious Help pages, getting the back-end to work as I want is less intuitive than here on Blogger, but there is always a learning curve to negotiate with any new venture. The first stories are up, and I thought I'd share a Friend Link which opens the paywall to a specific story. 

History in my Landscape explains the event that led to my interest. Enjoy.

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