9 February 2019

#WritingTips Index Page

The sharp-eyed among my readers may have noticed a new page has appeared beneath the header of this blog - Writing & Editing Tips. I've been creating posts for many a year, and during that period have produced four series of how-to articles. This single-page index makes the individual posts easier to find and navigate.

The choice:
  • Writing Prompts - a choice of 16, each with an explanatory note.
  • Research - a choice of 3 posts, not so much where to look but why a writer needs to.
  • Editing - a choice of 8 posts, discussing the different types of edit and what each entails.
  • Don't Mess With The Reader - a choice of 5 posts on elements which should never have made it into print.
Have a delve. You never know what the posts might ignite in your own writing.

There are also links to two useful resources:

Happy Reading! 

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