5 March 2017

Read An #Ebook Week Discounts

05-11th March is Read An Ebook Week.

One of my distributors, Smashwords, is again participating, offering a promotional catalogue of fiction and non-fiction at discounted prices in multiple formats: mobi for Kindle and ePub for Kobo, Nook, etc.

I have two novels on offer, both discounted by 50% from $2.99 down to $1.50:

 Hostage of the Heart is a sweet medieval romance set on the English-Welsh borders in 1066. 

Rhodri ap Hywel sweeps down the valley to reclaim stolen lands, taking the Saxon Lady Dena as his battle hostage. But who is more barbaric: a man who protects his people by the strength of his sword-arm, or Dena’s kin who swear fealty to a canon of lies and refuse to pay her ransom?
 ...a historical that really grips the reader. I always wanted know what what going to happen next...

Dead Men’s Fingers is a Western by my alter ego ‘Tyler Brentmore’ – ya didn’t know I’d written a Western, did ya?

Jed Longman signs to a company of wagons to take his three sons to a better life out West, but trouble keeps snapping at his heels. First there’s the persistent Mrs Harris with her school ma’am attitude so contrary to her fancy coach-guns, then the threat of fever, then the ruthless killer Baddell determined to haunt him and his into an unmarked grave.

...You taste the dust, feel the burning sun, drown in the swollen river, cower beneath the starless sky...

The discounts apply only to these two ebooks on Smashwords (not on Nook, Amazon or iTunes). Clicking the link will open the full promotional catalogue, which will automatically close on 11th March.

Enjoy your Reading!

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