15 April 2015

Wednesday Writing Prompts + Editing Posts

Don't be fooled by the above date. This page works as a handy Index for writing craft posts. Currently there are two sections: Writing Prompts; What To Look For While Editing.  Doubtless more will follow.

Writing Prompts

Working from 'first lines' with discussions on what to look for and how to extrapolate:
WPrompt #1 : WPrompt #2 : WPrompt #3 : WPrompt #4 : WPrompt #5

WPrompt #6 :   One idea is never one idea
WPrompt #7 :   How and where to find your own ideas
WPrompt #8 :   Building a character from the inside out, not a stereotype from the outside in
WPrompt #9 :   Beware - Naming imbues with life
WPrompt #10 : Show and Tell - examples
WPrompt #11 : Show and Tell - considering the senses - smell
WPrompt #12 : Theme - writing to, or recognising an inherent theme
WPrompt #13 : Detail - how much is too much?
WPrompt #14 : Show and Tell - considering the senses - sound
WPrompt #15 : Elements - a full story exercise
WPrompt #16 : Using an image to kickstart fiction

This and much more is covered in Reading A Writer's Mind. Check its Amazon page for a full list of its Contents page.


What To Look For While Editing

During the post-writing process of Pilgrims of the Pool, the final novel in the Torc of Moonlight trilogy, I wrote a series of posts covering the editing process (currently still being added to). Check them out here:

Editing-1: What does editing actually mean?
Editing-2: The Structural Edit
Editing-3: The Content Edit
Editing-4: The Line Edit
Editing-5: Line Edit Update - how long??
Editing-6: Beta Readers
Editing-7: Metadata
Editing-8: Beyond Beta Readers

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