19 March 2015

Launching Short Chiller: "The Paintings"

It's Launch Day for Amazon Short "The Paintings". If you enjoy atmospheric mysteries, if you like creepy...

It was supposed to be an afternoon’s appointment to assess a group of paintings.
The client was supposed to be their owner.
The paintings were supposed to be signed.
So why was police tape hanging from the apartment’s door?

Until midnight Saturday (or thereabouts) it remains at its Kindle launch price of 99p / 99c. The link should redirect to your region's store: 

At midnight Saturday the ebook should go live at its full price of $2.99 (+VAT dependent on your country):
 iTunes  ¦  Nook  ¦  Kobo  ¦  Smashwords

Many thanks to all who pre-ordered. I trust you enjoy the short as much as I did writing it.


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